How does Titan Bids work?

Titan Bids is a Unique Auction system allowing users to win items at ridiculously low prices. Please click our “Help” Tab for an in-depth explanation.

How secure are my personal details?

Titan Bids respects the Privacy of users at the highest level. No personal data is sold or distributed outside of our company. No credit/banking information is held on file.

How much do Bids cost?

Titan Bids offers 7 Unique Bid Packs found at our “Buy Bids” tab once you become a member.

I don't have a Paypal account, can I still purchase bids?

Yes you can. PayPal is only our Gateway for all secure payments via Credit Card, etc. Titan Bids accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express.

Are all products on Titan Bids brand new?

Yes, Titan Bids only offers Items that are Brand-New.

I cannot find my authentication or any other email from Titan Bids sent to me.

Please check your Spam/Junk folder as our emails do get filtered out on odd occasions.

Can anyone be a winner?

Yes! There will always be one winner per auction of our many auctions held daily.

What is the Auto-Bidder?

The Auto-Bidder is a feature, allowing users to participate in auctions when they are away from a live auction. The Auto-Bidder automatically places bids according to your pre-set instructions. This feature and more details can be found at in your “My Account > My Auto bidder” Section.

How much do Bids Cost on Titan Bids?

A Single Bid is only 0.50, however purchasing a Bid Pack will reward you with an amount of complimentary Bids, depending on your purchased package.

Do I benefit by telling my friend to join?

Yes!, Titan Bids offers 5 Free Bids for any referrals! Simply ask your friend to quote your Username upon Registration!

Can I bid on more than one Auction at a time?

Yes, Titan Bids allows users to participate in multiple auctions at the same time!

What is the Special Auctions Category?

The Special Auctions Category is a compilation of High-End Items including, Real-Estate, Cars, Boats, etc, which will be auctioned off at announced dates. Keep posted for these dates on our homepage!

Is Titan Bids on any Social Networking Platforms?

Yes, we currently have our own YouTube, Facebook & Twitter page which can all be found at the bottom of our website!

How long should I expect the postage/delivery of my item to take?

Titan Bids advises, items may take approximately 14 Business days to land at their destination.

Can I return my product if I am not satisfied?

Yes! Titan Bids offers a 30 Day Return Policy (Which can also be found in our Terms & Conditions)

I have changed address and cannot change my Personal Details in my account. How do I fix this?

Please Contact one of our friendly staff and notify them of the change, and we will be able to alter your details.

What happens if there is an Auction Pause or any other error?

On the rare occasion, Titan bids may have such unforeseeable setbacks. Users will not be able to bid in such a situation. Auctions shall resume as per normal in minimal time.

I place a Bid in an Auction; however it does not show up. What is the Issue?

Please check your internet connection speed as this can have an impact as our Auctions operate at a fast pace. Titan Bids servers, on the rare occasion, may experience a traffic overload and may be unable to compensate for such high traffic volume. These issues will be resolved in the most minimal amount of time.

I own a Titan Bids account, and I have allowed permission for my child, under 18 years of age to participate. Is this allowed?

Titan Bids does not take any responsibility for the use of accounts/bids. Please be aware, our system can be abused without knowledge and can have a financial impact if not monitored closely.

How much will shipping cost for an Item?

Postage costs may vary per auction. Each auction will display costs/conditions for the responsible winner.

Can I receive a Refund on my Bids purchased?

Titan Bids does not offer any refunds on Bid Packs.

Where does Titan Bids Ship to?

Titan Bids currently ships items world-wide. Please be aware some countries make require a longer shipment time.

How do I change my password if I wish for my account?

Please click into the “My Account > Change Password” Tab found on our site.

How do I subscribe/un-subscribe to Titan Bids emailed News Letters?

Please click into the “My Account > News Letters” Tab found on our site.

There is a question which I have in mind, however it is not found in your FAQ. How do I find out the answer to this?

Please feel free to “Contact Us”, if you would like us to answer any further query which was not outlined in this FAQ.

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