How It Works

How It Works

Welcome to Titan Bids, home of 'The Most Addictive Auctions On The Internet!'

Our auctions woOur auctions work a little bit differently - but once you’ve bid and won a few items, we know you’ll love them.

There’s a few key things that are different from other auctions you might have used online:

So let's take a look at how it works:

1. All of the Items on Titan Bids are Brand New and come with the full Manufacturers Warranty.

2. Each item starts with a Bidding Price of just 1 cent. There is no reserve price for the auctions.

3. Every time a bid is placed the price on the item goes up just 1 cent! When a bid is placed in the last few seconds of an auction, we extend the auction time back to 20 seconds giving others the chance to bid!

4. When the Countdown clock gets to Zero, whoever was the last bidder, wins.

5. There is a 50 cent charge for each bid, which allows us to offer the most awesome deals on the internet!

6. If you have been placing bids and were not lucky enough to win your final item, you will not b left empty handed!

Simply use the “Buy It Now” feature and this will allow you to purchase your item deducting bids already spent. (Please see Terms & Conditions)

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